The Last Balmy Days of Spring

Here we are, rocking and rolling into another weekend in sunny Jupiter, Florida!  P and I have been escaping to the beach any chance we get because, in a few short weeks, highs here will start climbing into the 90s, making the beach HOT (but still beautiful).

IMG_2304 (2)

The other evening, P and I did something a little different while at the beach.  Instead of immediately trekking down to the sand, we decided to walk north along the sidewalk for a mile or so.  Let me tell you – I’ve been missing out on one of the coolest features of the beach for most of my life!

Check out these beach access trails.

IMG_2310 (2)

I almost always park my car in a lot (Carlin, Jupiter Beach, Marcinski) and use the stairs there, so I haven’t been able to appreciate the seagrapes and the gorgeous canopies and tunnels they make at the beach access points.  It’s an adventure just to get down to the shoreline!

IMG_2307 (2)

The Town of Jupiter is unique in that they prevented condominiums and hotels from being built along the beach, leaving the natural seagrapes, allowing for open beach access and (BEST OF ALL) free parking!

IMG_2308 (2)

Beach Access 41 was my favorite, with the seagrape forest stretching in every direction.  You could spend all day on a blanket in here, enveloped in this shady, salty goodness.

Do you have a favorite beach access point?

IMG_2244 (2)

Eventually, P and I made it down to the sand to catch some sunset rays.  A swarm of lady bugs left us with extra luck, so we knew it was bound to be a terrific evening.


Happy Saturday!


JUP Girl

P.S. Don’t forget, the Flavor of the Day at Culver’s today is Chocolate Oreo Volcano!  Head on over to 1108 Military Trail, Jupiter, to grab yourself a cone!  (Seriously, I’ve been saving up calories all week for this…)

IMG_2320 (2)



  1. So pretty! Reminds me of our visit to Captiva’s cemetery which was by the beach but hidden underneath the canopies. Have you been? 😍


    1. Thanks so much! No, I have not been to Captiva Island but that sounds like a beautiful place! I am going to Google it right now and check it out… it is always good to have an impromptu weekend getaway. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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