A Morning Cup of Yoga

It’s embarrassing that my first “JUP Girl Beach Reads” post isn’t even about a novel.

As an English major, I love to read.  Growing up, I could read a book a day.  I wanted to share my love of books with my followers.  However, now, reading gets put on the back burner after work, chores, errands… blah, blah, blah.

I also had very high expectations of what a “JUP Girl Beach Reads” post was going to look like.  I wanted pictures of the book in the sand next to a colorful beach towel or in front of a gorgeous sunrise.

Sorry, folks.  My blogging life isn’t that glamorous (… yet).  For the time being, you will have to be happy with my coral dining table.

JUP Mama (aka my mother) picked up this gem of a book, A Morning Cup of Yoga, from the Jupiter Goodwill (which is another blog post in itself).


I’ve always loved staying active but neck and back injuries have limited me to long walks around the block.  JUP Mama thought this short series of yoga poses would be a perfect addition to my small-scale exercise routine.  The poses are modified to be performed in your kitchen using common surfaces and items we all have: a counter, a sink, and a kitchen chair.  There is no need for a yoga mat because none of the poses require getting down on the floor.


The author, yoga instructor Jane Goad Trechsel, covers everything from proper breathing techniques and posture to modifications and advancements of poses.  Although obviously not as engaging as a live yoga class, the simple drawings lead you through the series and are easy to follow and imitate.


Although adding a 15 – 20 minute yoga routine to my mornings is already a stretch (no pun intended), I enjoy performing the series on the weekend.  The simple movements and the ability to do them in my kitchen, in my pajamas, with no one watching, is the perfect start to my Saturday and Sunday.


Once you become familiar with the routine, there is an abridged diagram in the back of the book showing all of the poses.  Ms. Trechsel suggests ripping it out and hanging it on your refrigerator for easy reference.  The book also comes with a CD on which Ms. Trechsel guides you through the series to soothing music.  (I haven’t used the CD yet because, let’s face it, who has a CD player in their house these days?)

Rejoice readers, I have spared you photos of me doing the routine in my pajamas!

A Morning Cup of Yoga by Jane Goad Trechsel  


Keep reading!

JUP Girl

P.S. I have been reading Gone with the Wind since last July.  I promise when I finish it, you will all be the first to know!




  1. This is wonderful. I love that you are incorporating this into your routine even if it’s only weekends. Soon you will do these poses whenever and wherever. The first pose, tree, is a favorite balance pose of mine. This is a great find from Jup Mama. Can’t wait to hear more. We all have to start somewhere. Xo
    Ps. Try putting your legs up the wall while you are still in bed each morning. It’s a wonderful half inversion and great way to start your day. So many benefits. You only need a few minutes and shouldn’t stay more than 15. (Sometimes I fall back asleep)

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