40 Things I Love Right Now

  1. Josie Maran’s Argan Oil
  2. The bougainvillea bush in my parents’ front yardIMG_0164
  3. Retro Ford Wagoneers
  4. Dog Beach IMG_1640
  5. Citrus flavored bubbly water from Whole Foods
  6. Boat Drinks… the ones Jimmy Buffett sings about IMG_1350
  7. Late afternoon sun
  8. Bare feet
  9. Pasta (favorite easy weeknight meal in a pinch!)
  10. Oldies (50’s, 60’s, and 70’s) – specifically The Beatles, CCR, Billy Joel, and anything they play on 70’s Lite Rock Pandora
  11. Essential oils mixed with coconut oil by JUP Mama… just roll it on to refresh throughout the day
  12. 83 degree weather in April
  13. April in general.  The entire month.  It’s just fabulous.
  14. S’mores
  15. When the snowbirds go North for the summer
  16. Convertible tops down
  17. Seashell collections
  18. Jeopardy!
  19. Fresh cut snapdragonssnapdragons 2
  20. The Jupiter Inlet webcam
  21. Reading to Patrick – we’re on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!
  22. Early morning walks on the beach with JUP Mama
  23. The smell of a beach BBQ at Carlin Park
  24. HamburgersIMG_0700
  25. JUP Mama’s PB& J sandwiches
  26. The gym… even though I dread it on the drive over, I always feel so much better when I leave
  27. Instagram, to my detriment
  28. Taking the stairs
  29. Front porches.  Back porches.  Porch sitting.
  30. Hot pink rosesPink Roses
  31. Coffee
  32. Dogs, of all shapes and sizes… but especially this oneIMG_0181
  33. Swimming – but only if the water is a balmy 84 degrees and above!
  34. Jupiter Donuts
  35. These people:

    Top of the Light 2
    At the top of the lighthouse with my dad, cousin, and mom in the mid-1990s. As you can tell from my expression, I wasn’t so sure if I was enjoying the experience.
  36. Freckles
  37. The smell of bookstores
  38. Sundresses
  39. Newsies – it’s an obsession
  40. Natural Florida IMG_1046

Happy Thursday!  I hope you all enjoy your favorite things this weekend.  I’m looking forward to reliving one of my beloved childhood memories – Chocolate Oreo Volcano custard at Culver’s this Saturday!  If you’ve never had custard (or have never visited a Culver’s restaurant) and you’re in the Jupiter area, head on over on Saturday, May 20th – you will NOT be disappointed!

June is going to be a busy month for me and P and I wanted to send a “hello” your way!  There is so much to cover over the next few weeks and here’s a sneak peak: a weekend trip to Melbourne, Florida and another to Tallahassee (recommendations for both destinations welcome!), selecting snorkel gear, the first day of summer, local haunts (hoping to check out Annie’s Italian Ice, the Flagler Depot at Sawfish Park, the new boat ramp and pier at Waterway Park), and days spent by the sea.  My content has been sparse but I’m ramping it up as we head into summer.  Grab your bathing suit, let’s go!


JUP Girl


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