Birthday Pizza @ Grato

Last Tuesday we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the 21st birthday of my dear friend J#1.  Her most favorite food is pizza so her adoring hubby, J#2, arranged for a lovely dinner at Grato, West Palm Beach’s newest hot spot.  Co-owned by award winning chef Clay Conley (the genius behind Palm Beach’s Buccan), its menu features handmade pasta, brick-oven pizza crafted from organic flour, and wine and beer on tap.

IMG_1370 (2)

We had fun (maybe too much fun for a Tuesday) and it was a delicious change from our North County haunts.

Hot pizza pie fresh from the brick oven
IMG_1385 (2)
Love birds
IMG_1382 (2)
The Dak pizza
IMG_1394 (2)
The dining room after dark
IMG_1377 (2)
A toast to the birthday girl
IMG_1376 (2)

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Pfaff Smith!  Here’s to 10 more years of being 21!

IMG_1384 (2) xo,

JUP Girl

IMG_1380 (2)



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