May All Your Hours Be Happy Hours: Guanabanas

It’s a rare occasion when P and I make it to a Happy Hour together.  An extrovert, he’s the first person to leave the office for a networking event.  Drink specials are his hobby.

Me?  I’m the introvert.  I’d rather be home alone chopping vegetables, drinking wine, and listening to the Great American Songbook.  Sorry, did I just admit that?


Guanabanas is our happy medium.  P loves the drink specials (Happy Hour from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.), chatting with other locals bellying up to the bar, and the hub-bub of activity as waitstaff rushes from the kitchen, to the bar, and to the tables.

I love sitting in the colorful Adirondack chairs overlooking the canal, slowly sipping a tropical adult beverage, and waving at party-goers on the Pon-Tiki.  Or not waving… more like staring at the horizon and contemplating my introvertedness.

The coconut mojito (Bacardi coconut rum, mint leaves, lime, and sugarcane) and a tall galss of Kona Big Wave beer

I used to be anti-Guanabanas.  It’s kind of like the Disney World of Jupiter.  It has perfect tropical landscaping, expensive cocktails, and attracts tourists like moths to a flame.  I was always more of a Square Grouper kind of gal: stray cats, drunk dudes dancing with the palm tree in front of the stage, and hanging out with JUP Mama’s class of 1975 friends.  You also never had to worry about tumbling down coquina sidewalks if you had too much to drink – you could just plop right down in the sand.  (Although I wouldn’t recommend it, mostly because of the stray cats… can you say litterbox?)

Dining among the impeccable foliage at Guanabanas

However, at the ripe old age of 28, Guanabanas has grown on me.  I love the live music.  I no longer mind the coquina sidewalks.  And I think it’s kind of fun to admire the architectural feat of building a restaurant around an enormous banyan tree.

IMG_1367 (2)
The passing of the Pon-Tiki

Old Jupiter locals may call it the “yuppie bar,” but that’s okay with me.  After a long workweek, sometimes it’s nice to drop some cash on a fruity cocktail, sweat a little in my Lilly Pulitzer (no A/C), and try to convince families on vacation that YES, I really am a native Floridian.


May all your hours be happy hours.  At Guanabanas, I don’t know how they could be anything else.

JUP Girl


Where’s your favorite Happy Hour in Jupiter?

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    1. Well, I am on a quest to find more happy hours in Jupiter so if you find any that go later than 6 p.m., please let me know!!! I do know that Duffy’s has happy hour all day, every day! Whoohoooo


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