JUP Girl Eats: Duke’s Lazy Loggerhead Cafe @ Carlin Park

Judging from my posts, you must think that I all do is eat – and I am totally down with that.

This morning after the Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic Hang 20 Surf Dog Classic, my family decided to eat “second breakfast” at one of my very favorite spots in Jupiter.  (Stay tuned for a post about the surfing pups later this week.  Want a sneak preview of Waldo catching some waves?  Check out this video captured by P: https://instagram.com/p/69_hy5jc4n/)

Duke’s Lazy Loggerhead Café has one of the best breakfasts in town.  The restaurant is located at Carlin Park in what used to be a convenience store for beach goodies, like sunscreen and towels, soda pop, and ice cream bars.  It now has a full kitchen, indoor and outdoor seating, and a take-out window.  Painted a cheery shade of turquoise with a lime green striped awning, the beachside restaurant only serves breakfast and lunch.  The interior walls are decorated with works by local artists and all are available for purchase.  Get there early, especially during season, as there is always a line for table.

Side note:  My family loves the Lazy Loggerhead so much that when my aunt came to visit Jupiter from Wisconsin, she ate there nearly everyday – sometimes for both breakfast and lunch!

Today, my dad and I both ordered the same thing: two “Eggies” scrambled with grits.

Can't beat Duke's farm fresh
Can’t beat Duke’s farm fresh “Eggies”

P also got “Eggies.”

P’s “Eggies” over easy.

He decided on two “Eggies” over easy with bacon, hash browns, and whole wheat toast.  The hash browns were the best part of his meal, crisp on the outside, savory and soft in the middle.

However, my mother ordered my very favorite item on the breakfast menu: French toast on Duke’s thick-cut, home-style bread coated with crunchy almonds.

The best item on the breakfast menu.
The best item on the breakfast menu.

If I had to choose my last meal on Earth, I think it just might be this French toast.  The almonds form a crust on the outside of the bread, allowing the syrup to pool in the indentations between the nuts.  The inside is soft, warm, and fluffy.

Drizzle that syrup, Mom!
Drizzle that syrup, Mom!

If you want the best view in the house, make sure you request a table near the back doors with floor to ceiling glass panes.  The doors overlook the beach showers and you can watch all sorts of characters washing sand off their bodies, from tiny bare-butt babies to old ladies in skirted swimsuits.  We weren’t quite that lucky today but still managed to get a seat with an ocean view… if you peer past the trash can.

A view of the ocean past the trash can. (Photo by P)
A view of the ocean past the trash can. (Photo by P)

Before you leave, make sure you take home a bottle of Duke’s Dust, a secret blend of spices that the Lazy Loggerhead uses on their fries.  Duke’s Dust also goes well on scrambled eggs and baked potatoes.

Keep on eating.



Duke’s Lazy Loggerhead Café – 6 Van Kessel Parkway (in Carlin Park) – Jupiter, FL 33477 – 561.747.1134



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