Stop and Smell the Zinnias

Today is Monday.


I don’t know about you, but in my world, Monday is a day to be angry.  On Sunday evening, a darkness descends and the dreaded “Monday Blues” creep in overnight.  By the time daylight rolls around, I’ve hit the snooze button three times and pulled the sheets over my head, avoiding breakfast, laundry, work,  grocery shopping, cooking, exercising, phone calls, emails, bills, thank you notes, ironing, errands…

Poor Monday.  All the regrets of the weekend pile up as I turn the key in the car’s ignition: the tasks left undone, the adventures left unexplored, the food left uneaten and sitting in the back of the refrigerator only to be discovered three weeks later looking like a magnificent science project.

Everyone else is angry on Mondays too.  Drivers honking their horns and cutting each other off on the highway.  People waiting in line with packages at the Post Office.  The cashier checking groceries in the supermarket.  Co-workers.  Parents.  Significant others.  Even Blue, the farm dog, mopes when the family leaves for work.

IMG_2228 (2)

But this Monday, I’ve decided to be different.  When I feel the urge to succumb to a pity party at my desk or on the verge of breaking down into tears of frustration, I am going to think of the happy zinnias in JUP Mama’s garden.  I will breathe deeply and remember their blooms bobbing brightly in the April breeze.  (And remember how much I love alliteration!)  Only a few months ago, they were tiny heirloom seeds in paper packets that arrived in my mail box and with a little water, a lot of sunshine, and JUP Mama’s TLC, they’ve exploded into a fireworks show of red, yellow, orange, magenta, pink, and white.

Instead of letting Monday be consumed by my anxieties and disappointments, bitter over the things I lack or have not yet accomplished, I’m going to focus on the little miracles of life that are these flowers.

I’m going stop and smell the zinnias (because everyone knows roses don’t grow in South Florida).


JUP Girl

IMG_2229 (2)



  1. Good morning JUP Girl….Mondays are wonderful!!! The sun is out, the temperature is perfect and yes my little friend my roses are blooming and smelling devine right here in the heart of Jupiter. I’ll send you a pic to see for yourself. I’m so happy you have zinnia’s because they don’t like my yard. Maybe I over water them. What is your secret?

    So please enjoy your day, eat dinner outside and enjoy every minute of every day!!!!! Because yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is unknown and today is the present you give yourself!

    Big hugs from me to you,
    Miss Nan


    1. Thank you Miss Nan for your advice! We’ve never had much luck with roses but yours look beautiful! Regarding the zinnias, we don’t really do to much… they grow pretty fast at my parent’s house in Jupiter Farms and then start to get a little “weedy” when they’re on the way out. The best part about the zinnias is that you can save the flowers and use them to plant again next spring. xoxo


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