It’s been a whirlwind here recovering from the wedding.  P and I have opened all of our wonderful gifts, which resulted in a myriad of cardboard boxes sitting in the middle of the living room… and the kitchen… and the guest bedroom… and by the curb on garbage day.  The biggest challenge has been to find a place for everything.  Even though I think our townhome is HUGE, P and I are pack rats (I swear, I find stuff in the guest room closet that I didn’t even know we had).  We’ve started the process of purging everything from our single lives (think: college dormitory plates and utensils, mismatched wine glasses, stained and torn clothing, broken kitchen gadgets) and replacing them with items we’ve selected together.  And we’ve made a goal to get out four thank-you-notes every day… a goal we sometimes achieve, and sometimes we don’t.

So, the last few weekends haven’t been much of a break from the workweek, just a different type of work.  And I thought things would calm down after the wedding.  HA.

Anyway, between all the unpacking, and cleaning, and growing piles of things to donate to the Goodwill and our church rummage sale, I did make an effort to get out and enjoy the world.

Here’s what I’ve been up to since March 18th…

I met my friend Leah at the Downtown West Palm Beach Green Market so that I could at least get in one visit this year before they close for the summer on April 22nd.  We had lots of fun (and lots of coffee).  I got an awesome sunburn and a reminder of how little sun I’ve received over the past few months (get out and get that Vitamin D!).

Leah and Emily

IMG_2166 (2)
Perfect spring green market weather!
IMG_2169 (2)
Tomato tasting
IMG_2171 (3)
Grapefruit and sunshine
Making furry friends
IMG_2176 (5)
Orchids of every color
IMG_2181 (4)
Yummmm…. radishes

P and I have also become cocktail aficionados thanks to one of our adorable wedding presents: Mrs. Lilien’s Cocktail Swatchbook!  Friday and Saturday evenings are now a prime opportunity to try out our new bar ware and mix up one of Mrs. Lilien’s concoctions.  This has resulted in the squeezing of lots of lemons and limes, the drinking of copious amounts of simple syrup, and the Vitamix finally discovering its true purpose – to be featured in a Jimmy Buffett song… “there’s booze in the blender.”

Aviary Photo_131378119168108735
The fabulous Cocktail Swatchbook
Aviary Photo_131378120216910224
Today we are making the “Mrs. Mule”
Aviary Photo_131378122154348679
Nothing quite like a cocktail in a mason jar
Aviary Photo_131378130829085602
When life gives you limes… (also, how awful is the lighting in our kitchen???)
Aviary Photo_131378131456459993
Saturday afternoon cocktails on the patio

Finally, a Jupiter weekend would not be complete without a trip to the beach.  I always told P that after the wedding we were going to try to get to the beach at least once a week.  We haven’t quite accomplished that yet, but there have been some nice beach Saturdays mixed in with running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Please tell me the chaos ends eventually, right?

IMG_2220 (2)
Why so serious?  It’s the weekend!
IMG_2223 (2)
Juno Beach Pier
IMG_2224 (2)
Who needs April in Paris when you can have April in Jupiter?

What are your weekend plans?


JUP Girl Aviary Photo_131378132437757926



  1. Such beautiful photos of Jupiter ❤ I love your cocktails, that's an awesome book. The only cocktail I've ever managed to make myself is a Pina Colada 🙂


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