I Left my Heart in Jupiter: Searching for a Humble Abode in the JUP

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam,
Where the deer and the antelope play,
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Home on the Range, Dr. Brewster M. Higley

Looking for a place to live is exhausting and overwhelming… and P and I have barely started the process.  We are on the cusp of the next newlywed phase: home-ownership.  And although I don’t need roaming buffalo and frolicking hoofed animals, a backyard with a patch of grass to mow would be nice.

Don’t get me wrong – we love where we live right now!  We are in an adorable renovated townhome in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens within walking distance to nearly every necessity, including a grocery store and a slew of upscale restaurants.  But rent is high and multiple people have informed us that, for less money per month, we could own a home.

So I’ve taken to scouring Redfin each morning and every lunch break, looking to see what’s out there.  I think I Google-mapped all of northern Palm Beach County from Tequesta to North Palm Beach.  And even though Palm Beach Gardens is nice, my heart is firmly rooted in that little seaside town straddling Indiantown Road.

We all know Jupiter is an odd place.  You can stand on Center Street, facing east, and on your left have multi-million dollar waterfront homes and, to your right, some of the poorest housing in the county.  It makes looking for a house a guessing game.  Is this a good neighborhood?  Is it worth the price?  What will the resale value be?  Can we afford to live here?

502 N Lox 1

P and I also have a slight difference of opinion on what makes a potential home “cool.”  For instance, take this mid-century beach cottage on Loxahatchee Drive.  Isn’t it cute?  Look at the Mexican tile!  The exposed beams!  The glass encased sun porch / “Florida room!”

But P will probably say: “It’s so old!  Look at the popcorn ceilings!  The kitchen is so small!  The bathroom doesn’t have a double sink!  It’s impractical!”  And usually he is right.  It’s old.  It might smell.  We might kill each other cooking in that kitchen.

But I also lived in a tiny studio apartment on the intracoastal for three years so impractical is relative to me.

Do you have any tips or tricks for finding a humble abode in Jupiter?  We’re on a serious budget.  Any advice for prospective first-time home buyers?  P and I would love to hear from you!

Jupiter might not be the American West sung about in Home on the Range, but at least there’s a good chance the skies won’t be cloudy all day.


JUP Girl

*Photos of featured home taken from the listing on http://www.redfin.com.



  1. Hello Newlywed, What a perfect place to live. I’ve planted my roots in a wonderful neighborhood 35 years ago and you won’t get me to leave…..ever! It’s an older neighborhood with houses that have everything you are looking for. A lawn to mow, a pool to float in, carports or garages, 2 or 3 bedrooms, established trees and all ages of residents. Did I mention we are a block from the Loxahatchee? On our street alone there are there are two houses for sale. Older couples, young couples with brand new babies and babies on the way, dogs, cats, birds and even bunnies in the front yard. What’s not to love!!! Just drive around and you’ll see all kinds of places available. Homes that have been fixed up and fixer-upper’s. Need more details just send me an email. Hugs from Miss Nan


  2. Hello Newlywed, Want to hear about a wonderful neighborhood in the heart of Jupiter? Mr. B and I have lived in our house for 35 years and our roots run deep. You won’t get us out of here ever! It’s an older neighborhood just a block from the Loxahatachee River, has homes that have been fixed up and has fixer-uppers. Our neighbors are older like us and young couples with small children, brand new babies and a baby on the way right next door. Our neighbors have dogs, cats and Fred the Yellow Nape Parrot lives across the street with his family. We have bunnies scampering in the early morning hiding under well established trees. Looking for a house with a yard, maybe a pool in the back, a carport or garage, two bedrooms or three? Then just hop in your car and drive around my neighborhood. There are two houses for sale on my street alone. Now’s the time to buy or at least look around. You won’t be disappointed. There are houses everywhere. I think you know where I live and you will love it. If not, send me an email. Hugs, Miss Nan


  3. My mom is looking too (or at least I’m trying to convince her to look)! Keep us posted with your search. Have you found any good realtors in the Jupiter/Tequesta area? I know that Modern Living Real Estate was vital in my search for the perfect condo in downtown WPB, so hopefully you find someone that helps you too!


    1. Hi Skye! So we have been using my mom’s long-time friend (and long-time Jupiter resident) Linda Albrecht in our mini search. She is great, super down to earth, and will totally tell you like it is! If you would like her contact information, you can email me at NativeJUP@gmail.com.


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