Beach Day

Friday evenings I usually make a some lofty goal for the weekend – that I’m going to exercise and not eat the carton of ice cream in the refrigerator, that I will clean the entire house (including vacuuming, yuck), or that I’m going to take the Ford in for a bath and an oil change.  And I never accomplish these things… the weekends are for slacking off, right?

So, when I made the goal of waking up early last Saturday go to to the beach, it was obvious it wasn’t going to go as planned.  My favorite time to head to the shore is 7 a.m.  The sun has just risen over the horizon, it isn’t 109 degrees yet, and the water is flat.  The best part is that, when you get to the beach early, no one else has made footprints in the sand – just me.  You can still see the untouched ripples from the waves.

However, when the alarm went off at 7, I couldn’t bear to get out of bed.  7:30 wasn’t much better.  Finally, at 8, I switched on the pot of coffee … and P and I didn’t make to to the beach until 9.  Heck, at least we made it to the beach!

Morning sunshine at Carlin Park.
Rain showers off the coast.

My favorite beach is Carlin Park, which P has deemed the “tourist beach.”  I don’t really mind the out-of-towners.  You can spot them from miles away because they are either ghostly white or lobster red.  And they always swim in the guarded area.


We spent the morning working on our “sandman” in honor of Christmas in July.

He turned out quite cute although I wish I brought a carrot for his nose – very traditional!  Instead, we opted for a red mangrove seed and some sargassum for his hair.


We even gave the little guy a moat, because high tide was coming in.

It was a perfect morning (not too hot) and P and I shared some fruit and granola for breakfast.

After an hour or so of enjoying the sand, sun, and surf, we headed over to Blueline Surf & Paddle Co., one of our favorite places to check out the latest beach and SUP gear.  P loves to rent paddle boards from Blueline and one day I hope to strengthen and recover from my neck injuries to join him!


P checking out the Flomotion gear.  Fun fact:  I went to Stetson University with the Flomotion company founders.  I think every Stetson Alum should have at least one Flomotion item in their closet!
I fell in love with this shirt from Jupiter Vintage Design. They have a great collection of coozies as well.

After Blueline, we took a quick walk over to the docks at Guanabanas and got a taste of “rush hour traffic” in Jupiter.

Paddle board “rush hour”

IMG_1249 (2)

The food at Guanabanas smelled delicious and I wish we could have stayed for brunch.  P had a 2 p.m. tee time (lucky duck!) so we were off to shower and get ready for the afternoon.

What’s your favorite beach in Jupiter?  Do you have a favorite surf shop or post-beach snack spot I should check out?  Email me at


JUP Girl

IMG_1203 (2)

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