A Sunny Day

On Sunday, South Florida finally saw some sunshine.

After five days of blah, it was beautiful.

It only lasted a few hours but it made all the other days full of rain worth the wait.

I took the opportunity to practice using my camera in outdoor light.


This is JUP Mama’s bougainvillea tree.  It has been one of my favorite photography subjects since high school, when I still had my film Canon Rebel.  The deep pink of the leaves surrounding the tiny flowers always grab my attention.


Here is our farm dog, Blue.  He is absolutely the best model, as long as you don’t use the flash.

IMG_0181I love everything about Blue.  Most days, he is the most neediest, whiniest, saddest dog on the planet, and I love it.  He must be the center of attention… or his life is over.


Oh, blue skies!  How I’ve missed you!


Oh, sunshine, I love you!

Seriously, the sun and I were experiencing separation anxiety.  It was rough.

The sunshine was cause for some serious celebration.

So, we had a bonfire.


Finding dry wood wasn’t easy.

But the sunshine was priceless.

I hope there are only sunny days in your future.


JUP Girl


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