“Where are you from?”

When meeting someone new, the question is unavoidable.  People want to know your origin, the place you call home.  When I reply, “Here,” it’s usually met with surprise.

“Wait, you were born in Jupiter?  That’s rare.”

Yes. I know.

The fact is, as more people flock to South Florida from the frozen tundra of the northern United States, more children than ever before are now able to call themselves “Florida Natives.”  We are a little tribe all our own, raised on salty beaches, wearing bathing suits year round, and never having to worry about snow.

My mother’s family moved to Jupiter, Florida in 1969 from Detroit.  While certainly not the oldest family in town (pioneer families Carlin and DuBois arrived here in the mid-late 1800s), for over 40 years we have called the little beach community our home.  My grandparents purchased an apartment building on Center Street near what is now The Nook and the Jupiter Donut Factory.  My mother and aunt grew up in Apartment 1A.  I can’t image the changes my grandfather has seen: the completion of I-95 in Palm Beach County, the explosion of Abacoa, and the plethora of new businesses lining Indiantown Road all the way to A1A.

Jupiter is one of the few “small towns” left on the southeast coast of Florida.  I love the people of Jupiter.  I love the plants and animals that thrive in our many protected natural areas and waterways.  I love the beach culture and the farm culture, the color of the intracoastal, and the smell of charcoal barbecues along the shore.

Join me as I explore my hometown, sharing what makes Jupiter, Florida unique.



Instagram: @missemrenee


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