Introducing JUP Baby!

P and I are proud to announce the arrival of “Lil,” our sweet JUP Baby!  We look forward to long days at Jupiter Beach, walks in the stroller through Riverbend Park, and Lil’s first trip to the Jupiter Lighthouse.

I hope you’ll continue to follow JUP Girl as I discover the wonderful things my hometown has to offer young, growing families.  We will be hibernating until the rain subsides (have you ever tried to load a baby into a car in a monsoon???) but are planning some fun adventures for Summer 2018!  Stay tuned…


JUP Girl

Our newborn and family portraits were lovingly photographed by Teresa Gonzalez of Jose and Teresa Photography.




  1. Oh Jup Girl we’ve missed you!!!! Always love to see what you and “P” are up to and now we can watch Little Lillian too.


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