A Virtual Beach Vacation

You know those days when you’re alone in the office… everyone else is away on vacation… the sun is shining and the thermometer is pushing 95 degrees… and here you are, sitting at your desk, monitoring emails in a sweater set and heels.

Ok, maybe this is MY problem, not yours.

You can almost picture yourself lying on the beach, sipping a piña colada, and working on your tan.  But alas, you are stuck in an air conditioned office, watching the digital clock in the corner of you computer screen tick away the minutes until 5 p.m.

Never fear, I have a solution: the virtual beach vacation!  Click here.

Yes, I know, this is genius.

Whoever decided to put a camera on top of Ocean Trails, a 14-story condominium on Jupiter Beach, deserves my everlasting gratitude.

Thank you for my mid-day pick-me-up!

Web Cam August 12

Thank you for birthday wishes!  (If you check back every day, usually someone has moved the seaweed for a new birthday.  In one week, it went from Lucy, to Dad, to Dane… now it says “Happy B-Day T.C.”)



Jupiter Inlet Birthday

Thank you for always giving me something cool to zoom in on, like this Loggerhead heading out to sea.

2016_08_11 Thursday Turtle (2)

Thank you for letting me see the colors of the ocean from my computer screen.

Web Cam August 12 (2)

So, go ahead and bookmark this site on your browser.  Any time you need to “take a breather,” give it a click for a nice (and brief) beach vacation.  You don’t even need to ask the boss for a day off.


JUP Girl

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    1. Thanks, Suvi! I wish I had thought of it, but I didn’t. I’ve never arranged the seaweed for someone’s birthday so maybe this year I will have to get out there early on someone’s day.

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