A JUP Girl Surprise

Y’all are going to be so proud of me.

I bought myself an early Christmas present… from QVC… on Easy Pay.

My digital Canon EOS REBEL T5/EOS 1200D arrived today in the mail.  (Yes, that’s the technical name for it.  I just call it my “baby.”)

Surprise!  You will no longer have to cringe over my terrible cell phone photos.

I even downloaded the software to my computer all by myself. That’s a big deal.

So here I am, showing off my new toy.  It’s red.  It’s shiny.  It even has that new car smell.

RIP to my poor film Canon REBEL, which celebrated it’s 10th birthday this year.  It’s buried somewhere in a closet at my parent’s house.  Hopefully, I can dig the lens cap leash out of there.

Now you can explore my hometown with me and some quality photos.





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