… Your Family Has a Replica of the Jupiter Lighthouse in Your Front Yard

You know you’re from Jupiter when your father constructs a replica of the Jupiter Lighthouse and displays it prominently in your front yard as the housing for the electric gate opener.

Our own Jupiter Lighthouse, complete with the light keeper's quarters.

It’s not to scale and certainly not accurate, but when you drive down our street, you KNOW it’s the Jupiter Lighthouse.

Our Lighthouse 6

It has an observation deck, just like the real lighthouse.  However, ours looks slightly more hazardous.

Our Lighthouse 1

The lighthouse keeper even has a little door to enter and exit through so that he can climb the stairs all the way to the top.

Our Lighthouse 5

Of course, the structure would be incomplete without some living quarters for the lighthouse keeper.  Our Lighthouse 2 (2)

You can’t tell this from a photograph but, when you open the gate, a light shines and blinks through the panes.

Sometimes I feel like the character Toula from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Greek House

Greek Wedding

“There are two kinds of people – people from Jupiter and everyone else who wish they were from Jupiter.”




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